SM Seaside Roof Top Garden | The Roof Garden

Similar to SM North Edsa’s sky garden, the roof garden is a 23,443 sq.m elevated park with ponds, trees, and restaurants.

The park provides the much needed greenery not only for the mall but for the city.
The SM Seaside Roof Top Garden is a long, elevated curvilinear park, which offers much needed green space, not only for the mall, but also for the city as a whole. It buffers the mall from the busy intersection, and serves as a living, organic link between the different components of the mall – The Block, The City Center, and The Annex.

Lifted from the road like a floating green ribbon, this elevated garden softens the hard urban environment with lush land and waterscapes, while its organic form complements the new wavy cladding of the mall.

Canopied walkways meander amidst undulating lawns, ponds, and trees, while tunnels of shops are sculpted out of the earth, giving visitors a new dimension to the traditional park experience.

This SM Seaside Roof Top Garden has about 55 species of plants, grass, and trees that grow on a special type of garden soil that offers a lightweight effect on the structure. A truly green garden, it has a special type of drainage system that allows it to conserve water.

The SM Seaside Roof Top Garden’s water features include two bubblers, a simulated river flowing at the center, and waterfalls at the edge of the second floor, which act as a monumental screen onto which promotional montages can be projected, giving the park an added presence at the street level.

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