Citta di Mare Cebu

Citta di Mare Cebu – To be one of the most modern Cities in Asia

The First Residential Cluster, AMALFI OASIS will be a Spanish Inspired Theme of Mid-rise Condominium with 2 bedrooms (56 sq.mtrs) and 3 bedrooms (113 sq.mtrs).Citta di Mare Cbu

Rest and recreation in lush proportions. Within its secure, gated premises, Amalfi Oasis makes resort living a way of life. Swimming pool, Clubhouse, Bar and lounge, Basketball court, Rest/Event gazebo, Parks & play areas, Path Walks, Kiddie nooks.

Citta Di Mare literally means ” City By the Sea ” and is located in South Road Properties, Cebu, Philippines. Citta di Mare, or “the City by the Sea”, captures the charms of resort living with its majestic views of Mactan’s coast and Cebu’s mountains. The development, bisected into 2 sections by the Cebu Coastal Road, will redefine waterfront and seaside resort living in the Visayas.

Citta Di Mare concept is the combination of 4 Waterfront Destinations in the world, namely:

1. Darling Harbor, Sydney Australia
2. New Port Beach, California
3. Fisherman’s Wharf
4. Romantic French Riviera

* Clusters of five-storey buildings are interspersed with luxuriant gardens, courtyards and landscaped pockets.
* Pedestrian-friendly community
* 20-meter-wide landscaped walkways and bike lanes link all buildings

Other Projects in SRP Cebu

  • Proposed Court of Appeals Building
  • SM Prime Holdings development
  • Bigfoot
  • City Hall Block
  • UP Campus


1. The Project:
Citta di Mare is a master-planned community spanning approximately 50 hectares at the newly reclaimed
South Road Properties of the Cebu City Government.
Citta di Mare, or “the City by the Sea”, captures the charms of resort living with its majestic views of Mactan’s
coast and Cebu’s mountains. The development, bisected into 2 sections by the Cebu Coastal Road, will
redefine waterfront and seaside resort living in the Visayas.
Il Corso, the 106,148sqm section directly fronting the sea will be developed into a waterfront lifestyle strip
that will offer a range of seaside leisure activities.
The 390,484sqm section on the opposite side of the Coastal Road will be developed into a residential resort
town composed of themed residential communities anchored by the Piazza, an Italian-inspired common
amenity area. The development on the area is a joint venture development project between Filinvest Land,
Inc. and the Cebu City Government.
Amalfi Oasis, the first residential cluster to be developed at Citta di Mare, is inspired by the Italian coastal
towns along the Costiera Amalfitana (Amalfi Coast), which is renowned for its scenic beauty, picturesque
towns and diversity.
2. Perfect Location:
South Road Properties (SRP), Cebu City The South Roads Properties (SRP) is a 300-hectare prime property development project on reclaimed land
located a few meters off the cost Cebu’s central business district. It is registered with the Philippine
Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) as a Special Economic Zone.
Its project cost of over 12Bn Yen was funded by the Japan Bank for International Coopreation (JBIC).
Counterpart funding was provided by the City of Cebu which owns the project.
Abutting the SRP is the Cebu Coastal Road, a 12-kilometer, 4-lane highway that costs 18Bn Yen and was also
funded by the JBIC.
Features of and Infrastructure at the SRP (from the Cebu City Government)
Reclamation and all other civil works were done by Japanese contractors in conformity with
internationally accepted engineering standards.
To optimize the use and cost of water, a dual piping system will be installed, a separate pipe for
potable water and another one for gray water.
Fiber Optic cables for all telecommunications and broadband requirements will be available.

Security will be greatly enhanced since the project is virtually an island and all approaches will have

  • Proposed Bus Rapid Transit line
  • Proposed Ferry Terminal
  • Buffer zone between SRP and Inayawan area
  • Proposed Court of Appeals Building

304,100sqm SM Prime Holdings development, bought from the Cebu City Government at 3.1Bn
3.1has area leased to Bigfoot
3.02has proposed City Hall Block
5.1193has proposed UP Campus
0.6439has area for utilities
4.7036has area for DPWH

3. The Concept
Citta di Mare Logo
The Nautilus (from Greek !”#$, ‘sailor’) has survived relatively unchanged for 450 million years and is one
of the only shells to survive from the Dinosaurs era.
Beauty and Renewal. The Nautilus shell, lined with mother-of-pearl, grows into increasingly larger chambers
throughout its life and so has become a symbol for expansion and renewal. Dating back to Hindu myth, the
Nautilus Shell was mentioned as a symbol of many things in creation. It is also a symbol for the inner beauty
of nature.
Renowned. Back in the age of exploration and expedition, the nautilus was one of the strange creatures
found on voyages to the Southern seas, and many an idle sailor would spot this tiny-shelled creature floating
on the quiet sea. The nautilus took on mythical proportions when sailors told of their south sea adventures to
eager listeners gathered around the fire on a cold winter’s night, back in the northern ports of England or of
the northeastern United States.
Herald of good things to come. In Greek and Roman mythology, Triton, the son of Poseidon who dwells in the
sea, only rises to the surface to blow his horn – a shell shaped like the nautilus. From Triton’s horn comes the
magic or mystery which sailors pray for to calm a bad storm at sea.

The Name
The name Citta di Mare, or City by the Sea, encapsulates the concept for the development. The very name
hints at the experience that can be enjoyed here – a lifestyle marked by freedom, pleasure, luxury and

The City
The approximately 50has property is envisioned to be just that – a thriving metropolis complete with all
the conveniences of living within the city. Investing in a home at Citta di Mare doesn’t just mean getting a
dwelling unit – you invest in a city.

The residential community comes with separate amenities per cluster,
with generous open spaces and landscaped areas. It is a pedestrian-friendly community with car-free zones
where your children can run around freely. The community has a central amenity area complete with a
church, school, retail shops, cafes and sports ground.
The proposed UP campus is also just a few blocks
away. Across the road is Il Corso, a waterfront lifestyle strip that introduces a new dimension of seaside
pleasures. It features a boardwalk, beach sandbox, marina, cafes, bars, restaurants, souvenir shops, home
depot, retail shops, exhibit tents, amphitheater and high-rise residential condominiums.

Citta di Mare – Near The Sea
A sunset stroll on the beach…a leisurely lunch overlooking the water…dancing the night away at a
beachfront concert…cocktails onboard a moonlit cruise. The charms of seaside living abound, evoking
images of world-class waterfront attractions such as Sydney’s Darling Harbor, Newport Beach, Fisherman’s
Wharf, and the romantic French Riviera. Citta di Mare captures this idyllic lifestyle. Here, resort living
becomes a way of life. You can fulfill your dreams of making the sea a constant, soothing presence in your

4. Project Proponents
Citta di Mare is a joint venture development between the City of Cebu and Filinvest Land, Inc.
Cebu City Government is the owner of the South Road Properties (SRP) composed of 300 hectares of prime
property development on reclaimed land located a few meters off the coast of Cebu’s central business
district. The SRP cost over 12Bn Yen and was funded by the Japan Bank for International Cooperation.
Counterpart funding was provided by the City of Cebu.

Filinvest Land, Inc. (FLI) is a family corporation owned by fellow Cebuanos
The Gotianun Family. Whatever a Filipino family’s dream may be, Filinvest can build it. From a first home, a lasting legacy, to a desired lifestyle,
the company caters to the need of every Filipino, whoever he may be.

*50 years in the business and one of the country’s leading real estate developers
*With a diverse property portfolio catering to all markets – from its core best-value homes to premier
communities and townships, retail and commercial establishments, offices and business parks,
condominiums and leisure developments
*With assets valued at 165.59 billion and stockholders’ equity of Php62.37 billion
*Developed over 2,000 hectares of land and more than 600,000 suare meters of prime office,
residential and retail spaces
*Built on the Gotianun tradition of integrity, quality and service
With every milestone conquered, one more Filipino dream is fulfilled.

V. Components
Il Corso
Themed Residential Resort Communities
• Amalfi Oasis
• Phase 2
• Phase 3
• Phase 4
• Piazza, central activity area

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