The Buzzz of Bohol Bee Farm SM Seaside City, Cebu, Philippines!

Experience the taste of the continental flavors from breakfast to heavy meals and desserts!

The Buzzz of Bohol Bee Farm is now at SM Seaside. One may visit at the lower ground floor of the mall.
The restaurant serves them all with a blissful taste of its signature honey. Ice cream also comes in different flavors which are uniquely made with signature flavors that are new to the palate.

Bohol Bee Farm was once an empty lot converted into a farm after the owner who stayed in a tree house in that land realized she needs to do something about it. She then started selling her produce to her children’s classmate families and eventually, after hard work and proper marketing strategies, Bohol Bee Farm has a lot of branches now from Bohol, Cebu, and Iloilo, it won’t be a surprise if they’ll open one soon in Luzon and Mindanao.

The Buzz Cafe was a medium for Bohol Bee Farm to sell their goods, from fresh vegetables to ice creams with unique flavors, to their originally baked bread, and to their muffins. Not to forget that they as well have honey produce and even organic and edible flowers which are included in their salads!

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